June is Seniors Month

June is Seniors Month! 

It is a time to celebrate the incredible contributions our Seniors have made to our province

This year’s theme, Working for Seniors is about the services and activities all over Ontario helping Seniors stay fit, active, and healthy.

Today, our government launched a new and interactive website at Ontario.ca/Seniors that helps seniors and their loved ones find out how to access government services and community resources to help them with their daily lives.

This is a part of our government’s plan to help people more easily connect with the government services they need.

Ontario is the great place it is today thanks to our seniors, and I encourage all Ontarians to join me in celebrating Seniors Month throughout June.

Looking for programs and services to keep seniors fit, active, healthy, and connected? We’ve made it easier to search for them at www.ontario.ca/Seniors Try it today!

À la recherche de programmes et services pour garder les aînés en forme, en santé et actifs physiquement et socialement? Nous vous facilitons la tâche grâce à la page www.ontario.ca/Aines. Consultez-la aujourd’hui!