Ontario Helping More Students Become Nurse Practitioners

Our government is making it faster and easier for people to connect to primary care, especially in northern and rural areas, by continuing to boost the number of spots available to train new nurse practitioners.

Working together with Ontario universities across the province, 121 additional training positions have been added to the Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program this year, helping to grow the nurse practitioner workforce for years to come.

Expanding training opportunities to become a nurse practitioner will grow this important profession, ensuring more Ontarians can connect to high-quality care, when and where they need it.

This expansion, which is part of the government’s Your Health Plan, brings the total number of nurse practitioner training positions up to 321 at schools across the province, and brings the province closer to its goal of 350

Growing the pipeline of talent for Ontario’s health care workforce is one more way the province is ensuring Ontarians can access convenient and connected care, closer to home, now and for years to come.