Ontario Investing Nearly $1.3 Billion to Stabilize Colleges and Universities

At a time when too many people are struggling to make ends meet, we can’t put more costs on students and families by raising tuition.

When our government first introduced the tuition freeze, Ontario had the highest university tuition in the country. Thanks to the action we’ve taken, that is no longer the case.

We’re proud that over the last 4 years our government’s action to reduce and freeze tuition has saved $1600 per university student, and $350 per college student every single year.

Tuition is one of the most significant investments a person will make in their life, and they deserve to know the full scope of that investment.

We will engage with colleges and universities to create tuition fee transparency to help students and their families better understand how tuition fees are used and help protect them from hidden fees.

While Bonnie Crombie and the Ontario Liberal Party want to put those costs on families, we refuse to do so.

We’re keeping tuition rates frozen while we make the largest investment in post-secondary education in over a decade.

Our government’s new $1.3 billion dollar investment will stabilize the sector and protect students from taking on the burden of an increased tuition. This funding includes:

  • $903 million through the new Postsecondary Education Sustainability Fund, including $203 million in funding for top-ups for institutions with greater financial need.
  • $167.4 million additional funding for capital repairs and equipment.
  • $100 million in new funding for nearly 13,000 new STEM program spots.
  • $23 million for new mental health programming
  • At the same time, we’re helping universities and colleges with a variety of measures to keep costs down, including $15 million for third-party reviews to identify operational and financial efficiencies.
  • We’re also taking action on recommendations from the blue-ribbon panel to make fees more transparent, connect students to in demand jobs and improve the training of postsecondary boards.
  • With these investments and suite of measures, Ontario is taking a responsible approach to allow flexibility amid a challenging financial climate, while protecting students and parents from the additional costs.