Ontario Launches Free Job Training for Newcomers

New projects will help more than 300 people find meaningful work in their communities

Across Ontario, 300,000 jobs continue to go unfilled every day, costing the province billions in lost productivity.

Our government is on a mission to help people find meaningful work close to home so they can earn bigger paycheques for themselves and their families.

That is why we are investing $2.6 million through our Skills Development Fund to support four innovative training projects helping more than 300 newcomers, including Afghan and Ukrainian arrivals, get the training they need to land good jobs in their communities.

Led by various organizations, the programs will prepare participants for well-paying careers in manufacturing, finance, administration, communications, service delivery and the arts.

They will provide a range of employment and training options through on-the-job learning, paid internships, digital literacy courses, and earning micro-credentials.

Ontario is also the first province in Canada to ban unfair or discriminatory Canadian work experience requirements to help newcomers work in the professions they trained for.

This change has the potential to help thousands of otherwise-qualified professionals pursue their dreams over the coming years, all while maintaining Ontario’s world-class licensing and exam requirements.