Ontario Providing Free Training for Electricians

Across Ontario, nearly 300,000 jobs continue to go unfilled every day, including many in the electrical sector, costing the province billions in lost productivity.

Jobs in the skilled trades are meaningful, well-paying and offer a path to a better life.

When you have a career as an electrician, you have a career for life.

That is why our government is investing $2.7 million to support an innovative project to help 65 employees train and upgrade their skills as electricians.

This project, led by KE Electrical Ltd. in Ottawa, will provide participants with the training they need to progress in rewarding careers as electricians and help build Ontario.

Workers will have the chance to participate in more than 8,000 hours of hands-on training focused on learning technical skills and abilities, health and safety, professional development, and other critical industry skills.

Training will be available to current and future KE workers and will help tackle the critical shortage of skilled trades workers the province faces.